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My duties in keeping your information and data under the GDPR 2018

I set out here what data and information I hold and how it's dealt with.


As a client you are entitled to the strictest confidence. As joint clients you will share your information with me and jointly with each other so I can share the other's information to you and vice versa. Should either of you wish to withhold any information from the other then I will cease to act for either of you. Should any tests or medical reports be needed you may well obtain these yourself. However you authorise me to share your information to the clinic, expert, doctor or consultant for the purpose of obtaining such a report. Such reports will be mutually discloseable as between joint clients.

Your information and data

All information about you, whether in my handwritten notes, phone or computer are held only for the purpose of communicating with and treating you.

In the course of our relationship I will keep your email addresses and name and phone numbers in my phone. It will keep the usual chain of communication. These may include attached reports, data sheets and links. I need only keep my phone password protected. I will not share this information with anyone.

In so far as it may be a means of receiving payments I also keep a card reader. This will be kept safely in the usual way.

I keep a computer account record showing name and payments received. This personal computer is in my home and no one but me has access to it. At end of life its data may be transfered to another and it wiped and recycled. All and any computer records will be kept securely.

I will keep my handwritten notes, copy reports received and client records securely on my premises. Only I have access to them. You can see them at any time and correct errors.

The records must be so kept for 7 years from the date of the last consultation. You may wish to have your paper records at the conclusion of our, hopefully successful, relationship.

After that time paper records will be securely destroyed. Phones and computer will be recycled having been wiped.

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