Michael Reilly Mobile Reflexology Practitioner and Fertility Reflexologist
in Stafford & Cheltenham

To contact me and other matters

Please phone me on 07756 348 707

All conversations and communications are in the strictest confidence. As between couples there must be no secrets, and none between me and you. If you are to stand the best chance of getting the baby then you should disclose to me all relevant information about yourselves, your health and lifestyle. You should be aware that I might need to disclose a partner's communications with me to the other. I could not treat a couple in good faith if one of you say refused to disclose a material fact or the results of a medical report or blood test. In the case of medical reports the report of one partner will be automatically disclosed to the other for the sake of mutuality. For the sake of mutual candour and transparency the usual patient individual confidentiality is waived as between a couple receiving my advice and treatment, both as between each other and as to any fertility or medical expert engaged to perform a procedure, treatment or test relevant to my treatment of you.

I may ask you to consent to your anonymous data being used for research purposes. Any data I hold is kept only to treat and communicate with you and will not be shared unless you authorise me to (for example should you ask me to introduce you for specialist medical testing or treatment). You can see all data I hold on you and correct any errors. This will be kept secure for 7 years beyond the last treatment or consultation date. More detail is in my privacy notice.

You are responsible for your own health and whilst a live birth is desired it cannot be guaranteed. I will use my best endeavours, professional skill, and fiduciary advice and support to help you to achieve your goal of a successful pregnancy. You are asked to carefully consider the advice but tell me if you prefer not to accept it or act on it. Please, in all candour, tell me of any doctors or other professional visits, conversations, treatments, tests or reports obtained and use best endeavours to obtain and share with me copies of all and any such reports.

Please, if ever you become dissatisfied with my service tell me so I can have an opportunity to put matters right. If this is not possible then my professional association will help you.

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