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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet and hands to help the body to heal itself and return to balance. Reflexology is concerned with the healing of the whole person not just dealing with any symptoms, though often these can be ameliorated. The application and effect of the therapy are unique to each person, and can vary from one treatment to another. Reflexology may improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Deep relaxation induced by the treatment reduces stress thereby encouraging healing and maintenance of health.

By restoring and maintaining the body's natural equilibrium (the body continually strives to maintain homeostasis or balance) reflexology encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Some doctors, consultants and other healthcare professionals recognise reflexology as a well established, respected and effective therapy.

Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe and Reflexology or any complementary therapy should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Often reflexology can work in harmony with medical treatment unless a consultant or G.P. advises otherwise.

As a reflexologist I stimulate the reflex points on your feet, which can help you relax, feel better and sleep well as your body finds its natural balance.

Developed from an ancient practice, reflexology works on the observation that stimulation of certain points on the hands or feet (ears too) has an effect on various organs and body systems. Whilst reflexology cannot claim to cure any specific condition or disease (and Reflexologists do not diagnose) it can help the body to rebalance itself.

An article in the Daily Telegraph said reflexology is as good as pain killers

There is evidence to suggest reflexology can ease pain. An article in the Daily Telegraph, shown here Reflexology as good as pain killers so suggests. And plenty of satisfied sufferers agree.

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Benefits of Reflexology

Helps with headaches and migraine

Balances hormones

Generally is good for balancing the whole body

Has a detoxifying effect and good for releasing impurities

Helps restore the body’s healing powers/immune system

Very calming on nervous system

Great for reducing stress and anxiety states

Balances the digestive system

Reflexology is suitable for all age ranges and may benefit conditions including:

Stress & Anxiety

Digestive Problems

Hormonal Imbalances

Sleep Disorders

Painful periods

Fertility Issues


Babies & Children

Muscular & Joint Pain

Clients living with a debilitating illness

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