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Reflexology & Fertility Reflexology in Cheltenham and Stafford

As a mobile reflexologist and reproductive reflexologist, I can visit you at home in the Cheltenham or Stafford areas to look after you and help boost your overall wellbeing. If you are struggling to get a baby, for whatever reason, I can help.

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I cover Stafford (to Stone, Penkridge, Cannock and Rugeley) and Cheltenham (to Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cirencester). I am a mobile practitioner only. I treat you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Why Reflexology?

I am very aware of the stress our high-pressure environment impacts on us all, both physically and emotionally. Stress can trigger irritability, insomnia, anxiety and depression - it weakens the immune system through adrenal fatigue, which leads to illness. With our busy lives, work stresses and distractions we often fail to notice that our exposure to prolonged stress is having a negative effect on our overall health.

This is where reflexology can really help. Reflexology relieves stress and tension, helps rebuild the immune system and helps your body to heal itself and speed recovery. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, since 2016. I am both humbled and proud to be a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists since 2018. I have a strong belief that holistic therapies can complement our allopathic medicine and many health benefits can result. We work with your doctors and consultants especially in the fertility field.

Reproductive reflexology helps with fertility and I can help you through your conception journey to a successful pregnancy.

I’ve had specialist training in reproductive reflexology to provide support from the time you begin trying to conceive. Fertility or reproductive reflexology is a safe therapy to have in preparation for conception, during assisted conception fertility treatment and pregnancy too.

If a woman has painful periods I can help. If a man has poor sperm quality, I can help. If you need to give your surrogate the best support to nurture and grow your baby, I can help.

I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists who network with the medical fertility fraternity to aim for the best care for couples and singles wanting a baby. The treatment protocols are researched and based on evidence so that a wide variety of conditions affecting fertility can be assessed, treated and improvements monitored.

Often couples, more often the woman comes to reproductive reflexology as a last resort having tried various medical interventions to no avail. Using the data backed science and the protocols for treatment developed from that, repeat miscarriages, for example can be overcome. If getting a baby has become a problem I should be your first resort not your last.

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By not engaging with the men we are missing a huge part of the jigsaw puzzle

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We can treat the women with fertility issues all we like but statistically infertility affects women one third of the time. Infertility affects the couple jointly in one third of cases, and affects men in one third of infertility cases.

I'm uniquely placed to help men. I hear often the man say at the first consultation, "Well I've had a sperm count and I've got plenty. I don't need fertility reflexology." It takes two to tango and fertility is such a delicate balance that if any small piece of the jigsaw is missing then the baby cannot survive and is usually miscarried at an early stage.

The reason may never be known. Yet there could be DNA fragmentation in the sperm that standard tests cannot reveal; that means there will be another miscarriage and without advance testing this will never stand a chance of being corrected. I can signpost men for such tests if necessary. I can then use the protocols and robust training I've had to improve sperm quality sufficiently to achieve a successful pregnancy and that beautiful baby.

Fertility reflexology is evidence based.

Because members of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists use the same prescriptive protocols based on medically measurable factors, problems can be identified and treated and a wide variety of conditions improved and that improvement verified by repeat testing.

We fertility reflexologists can monitor progress. The slight variations that can be felt in the feet during a session can signpost the need for an ultrasound scan, for example. Say during an IVF treatment, using science and evidence based protocols a poor response to stimulation can be improved with the introduction of dynamic targeted work by the fertility reflexologist and self treatment by the woman to save the need for the use of donor eggs.

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Did you know?

I refer to the data collect by the ARR in a study of 180 patients who undertook reproductive reflexology. They were of varying ages from 23 to 46 years old. They had a variety of infertility conditions. Barbara Scott has revisited this data. The success rate was 69% became pregnant. Of the 180 patients taking part, 22 of those who became pregnant were undergoing assisted conception treatment: IVF. The success rate for them was 52%. As the average success rates for those undergoing IVF is about 25% then this was a significant result.

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